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MICA Popular Talks

Special Public Lecture, Saturday, Sept. 8, 10 am SLT

Prof. Matt Strassler (Rutgers U.)

The Quest for the Higgs Particle

A new Higgs-like particle has recently been observed at the Large Hadron Collider. The quest to find this particle goes back nearly 50 years. In this lecture I'll tell you about this epic journey, explain why the mysterious Higgs field is so crucial to our existence, and explain how finding the Higgs particle now gives us a tool with which to try to understand the nature of the Higgs field. After covering some of the big puzzles in particle physics, I'll explain how and why many scientists are expecting to find other types of particles at the Large Hadron Collider over the coming decade, and why their absence would have profound but confusing scientific implications.

In: Large Auditorium on StellaNova, SL


See Popular Talks for our archived talks audio and slides.

This series of talks, under the auspices of MICA, is now finished. Additional public lectures may be organized on an ad hoc basis, but probably not before October 2012. Have a great summer!

MICA Popular talks in voice at the Large Auditorium on StellaNova, SL

Virtually Speaking Science

VS Science will be interspersing live interviews - hosted by Tom and Alan - with 'reruns' from the archives. All these will be run at the small amphitheater at StellaNova, hosted by MICA.

See Virtually Speaking Science for the past events and links.

Now held at the Exploratorium sim, SL

MICA Seminars

See MICA_Seminars for the past seminars.

Winter/Spring 2012 Schedule of Speakers

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 14 Vahe Gurzadyan Soviets in Space, 1930's - 1960's
Jan 21 Pamela Gay Of Lunar Craters
Jan 28 George Djorgovski Science in Cyberspace
Feb 4 Peppe Longo Pluralism of Worlds, From Giordano Bruno to Stanley Kubrick, Part II
Feb 11 Patio Plasma Dark Matter
Feb 18 Pamela Gay Non-Governmental Space Exploration
Feb 25 Peppe Longo The Mayan Prophecy
Mar 3 Rob Knop Whence Supernovae?
Mar 10 Peppe Longo The Forgotten Revolution, Part I
Mar 17 Rob Knop The State of the Universe: A Report
Mar 24 Pamela Gay The Solar System Updated
Mar 31 Peppe Longo The Forgotten Revolution, Part II
Apr 7 George Djorgovski A Short History of Modern Cosmology
Apr 14 Pamela Gay Yuri's Night and the Competitive History of Space Flight
Apr 21 Patio Plasma Eclipses and Transits
Apr 28 Matt Strassler A Ring Of Truth: Seeking Answers to Big Questions at the Large Hadron Collider
May 5 Pamela Gay Taking the Heat: Venus Exploration
May 12 Patio Plasma Tides Across the Universe
May 19 Peppe Longo Planets and Perception, part I
May 26 Jatila van der Veen The Planck Mission: Looking back to the Dawn of Time, Listening to the Oldest Light of the Universe
Jun 2 Peppe Longo Planets and Perception, part II
Jun 9 Rob Knop Nomad Planets
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